Signs Your Garage Door Springs Need Professional Repair

In the dynamic cityscape of Chesapeake, where homeowners take pride in maintaining their properties, understanding the health of your garage door springs is crucial. Garage door springs, often overlooked, are pivotal in the seamless operation of your garage door. Identifying signs that these springs require professional repair can save you from potential hazards and inconvenience. Let’s explore the telltale signs indicating it’s time to call in the experts for your garage door springs.

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Recognizing the Red Flags 

Garage door springs are under constant tension and wear out over time, making vigilance key. Here are the signs to watch out for:

Unusual Noises

A clear indicator something is amiss is when your garage door starts making unusual noises. Groaning, creaking, or grinding sounds can suggest that the springs are struggling under the weight of the door and may be close to failing.

Imbalanced Door Movement

If your garage door is not opening smoothly or seems to be sagging on one side, it’s a strong sign that the springs are not functioning correctly. An imbalanced door is a safety hazard and needs immediate attention.

Difficulty in Opening or Closing

Garage door springs are designed to make the heavy door easier to move. If you notice a sudden increase in the effort required to lift the door, or if it falls too quickly when closing, it’s likely the springs are to blame.

Visible Wear and Tear

Regular visual inspections can reveal problems. If the springs appear stretched out, have gaps, or show signs of corrosion, they are likely compromised and in need of professional assessment.

The Door Doesn’t Stay Open

A well-functioning garage door should stay open on its own. If it starts to close on its own after being opened, the springs are likely failing and unable to support the door’s weight.

Why Professional Repair is Crucial 

Given the high tension involved in garage door springs, attempting DIY repairs can be extremely risky. Professional technicians in Chesapeake have the necessary tools, expertise, and understanding of local safety regulations to handle repairs safely and effectively.

Preventive Maintenance: Your First Line of Defense 

To avoid unexpected failures, regular maintenance is key. This includes lubrication, balance checks, and visual inspections. However, when the above signs are evident, it’s time to call in the professionals.


For Chesapeake residents, being aware of the condition of your garage door springs is vital for ensuring the safety and functionality of your home. At the first sign of any of the issues mentioned, seeking professional repair services is the best course of action. Regular maintenance can prolong the life of your springs, but when they show signs of significant wear or malfunction, professional intervention is necessary.


How often should garage door springs be replaced?

The lifespan of garage door springs varies, but on average, they should be replaced every 7 to 9 years, depending on usage.

Can I replace just one spring, or should both be replaced at the same time?

It’s recommended to replace both springs at the same time, even if only one shows signs of wear. This ensures balanced tension and prolongs the overall lifespan of the door mechanism.

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