Upgrading To An Infrared Sensor Solved Annoying Reverse Problems

The garage door opener in my garage had started acting up, reversing unexpectedly when nothing was there. At first it was just occasional, but it was happening more and more frequently. It was frustrating and I worried someone or something could get hurt if they weren’t paying attention when the door started reversing on its own.

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Troubleshooting Begins

I started by checking the manual that came with the opener, hoping to find tips to fix the issue myself. The manual said the most common cause of unwanted reversing is issues with the safety sensors. Mine used basic light beam sensors that run along the bottom edge of the door. I cleaned them thoroughly but the problem persisted. Time to dig a little deeper.

Investigating Sensor Options

In more troubleshooting online, I came across mentions that infrared sensors are less prone to false signals than light beam kinds. They work by sending out an infrared beam and detecting when it’s interrupted rather than a reflected light beam. This made me think the sensors could be too sensitive on mine. That’s when I learned about the option to upgrade just the sensors without replacing the whole opener.

The Upgrade Solution

I decided to try replacing just the sensors rather than calling in a technician from Garage Door Opener Repair in Portsmouth yet. The infrared upgrade kit was affordable and several reviews said it solved unwanted reversing issues. In about 30 minutes I had the old sensors off and new infrared ones installed following the simple instructions. Touch wood, but in the couple weeks since it’s been perfect – no more false alarms!

A Satisfied Customer

I’m glad I took the time to research sensor options before assuming the whole opener needed to be fixed or replaced. The infrared upgrade was a low-cost solution that did the trick. Now the garage door safely stops if anything passes through without constantly reversing for no reason. No more frustration every time I use the opener! If problems return down the road, at least I’ll know I exhausted the DIY options first. Always worth checking simple solutions before calling a technician.

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