My Damaged Door Nearly Caused An Insurance Claim Until Replacement

I woke up the other morning to find that strong winds had damaged my garage door overnight. One of the panels was partially detached and hanging loose. This definitely needed to be repaired before trying to use the door again, for safety reasons.

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Assessing the Damage

Upon closer inspection, it seemed the damage was more extensive than it first appeared. Not only was the loose panel at risk of falling off entirely, but the tracks were bent out of shape too. The door no longer rolled smoothly and was difficult to open and close by hand. It was clear this was beyond a simple fix of reattaching the loose panel. The whole system was compromised.

Calling in the Experts

Rather than attempting a DIY repair that may fail, I decided to call in professional help. A quick search online brought up several local garage door companies, including Garage Door Replacement in Virginia Beach. Reading through reviews, this company seemed highly rated for reliability and quality work. I gave them a call to come take a look.

Diagnosing the Problem

The technician who came to assess the damage quickly determined that due to the extent of the issues, a full system replacement was needed rather than repairs. Trying to fix the bent tracks and reattach loose panels would likely be a temporary fix at best before further problems developed. A brand new door and opener setup would be more cost effective long term than ongoing repairs.

Avoiding Future Headaches

I was glad to get a professional opinion rather than guess at the solution myself. Replacing everything now means I avoid potential future headaches down the line like a door breaking mid-open or close, or costly emergency repairs. Paying more up front for a quality new system will save money versus multiple repair bills. Peace of mind knowing my door is back to full working order is priceless too.

The Installation Process

The replacement process went smoothly thanks to the experienced installation team. Within a few hours the damaged door and tracks were completely removed. All new tracks, panels, springs and opener were expertly fitted into place. Adjustments were made to ensure proper alignment and function.

By the end of the day my garage was operational again with a brand new door that looks as good as new. Programming the remote and safety sensors was a breeze too. Overall I’m thrilled with the results and glad I opted for replacement rather than further repairs.

Avoiding Future Headaches: Insurance Implications

It’s also a relief to have the issue fully resolved before causing any insurance headaches. If the damage had worsened over time resulting in a complete failure, it may have turned into an insurance claim. Going the preventative replacement route eliminated that risk and potential hassles or premium increases down the road. Best of all the new door comes with a lifetime warranty, so I’m covered if anything goes wrong in the long run.

In summary, if you find your garage door is damaged but fixable, get an expert opinion before assuming repairs will suffice long term. Replacement may end up the most cost effective choice to avoid prolonging issues. And as with my experience with Garage Door Replacement in Virginia Beach, going with a reputable local company ensures a quality installation for years of reliable performance.

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